British GT Snetterton Race 2

GT3 Long overdue victory for TF-Sport Jonny Adam/Derek Johnston.

Race 2 saw a front row lockout for Barwell Motorsport with Keen on pole and in the sister Lamborghini Sam Tordoff. Third on the grid was TF-Sport of reigning champion Jonny Adam. At the rolling start Adam soon dispensed of Tordoff and into second place. Out in front Keen in his Barwell Motorsport Lamborghini tried to set up enough of a lead to negate his 10s success penalty.

As the pitstop window opened the Barwell Motorsport Lamborghini was 9s ahead of the TF-Sport Aston Martin and with a 10s penalty for the Barwell team the TF-Sport driver should have appeared out in front. Unfortunately for Derek Johnston, who had taken over from Adam, a stalled Ginetta blocked the TF-Sport Aston from getting out of the pit box and Minshaw (now in the driving seat) in his Lamborghini flashed past and into the lead.

A safety car period to retrieve the stricken Team Parker Bentley of Callum Macleod meant that everyone was bunched up and the lead that Minshaw had now disappeared. Fortunately though for Minshaw there were a couple of GT4 cars between him and the TF-Sport Aston of Johnstone.

Luckily though for Johnston, the Barwell Motorsport Lamborghini was handed a drive-through penalty for not stopping long enough. As the Lamborghini took his penalty, through went Johnstone and his Aston Martin into the lead. Also the penalty allowed the sister Lamborghini of Liam Griffin to pass and into second place.

The sister TF-Sport Aston Martin of Mark Farmer and Jon Barnes claimed the final podium place after starting from P7. The Aston had already moved up two places on the opening lap courtesy of Team Parker Racing Bentley of Seb Morris banging wheels with Matt Griffin. They moved up further when the sister Bentley suffered a puncture. The TF-Sport had to hold off a fast Rick Parfitt Jnr, who had taken over from Seb Morris, to claim that final podium. Seb Morris had to also take a drive-though penalty for his part in the incident with Griffin.

Despite not winning race 2, the Barwell Motorsport’s Minshaw and Keen still lead the championship by an increased margin and now lead by 23.5 points over Parfitt Jnr and Morris in their Team Parker Racing Bentley. Reigning champions Johnstone and Adam move into third overall.

GT3 Winners – TF-SportDSC_5492


GT4 victory at last for Taggerty and Mitchell

The second race of the weekend saw Tolman Motorsport and Joe Osborne starting from pole position. As the lights went out, Osborne made good his escape and was closely followed by David Pittard in his Lanan Racing Ginetta and Stuart Middleton in his HHC Motorsport Ginetta. Fourth before the pitstops was the Black Bull Garage 59 McLaren of Ciaran Haggerty.

Tolman Motorsport decided to leave Osborne out as late as possible before handing it over to David Pattison. Due to success penalties for those behind the Tolman McLaren Pattison was still in the lead after the pitstops had sorted themselves out. Unfortunately for the Tolman team a safety car period eradicated that lead and brought the Lanan Racing of Reed, Tregurtha’s HHC Motorsport and Black Bull Garage 59 Mitchell into play.

As racing resumed Pattison was engulfed by Reed, Tregurtha and Mitchell. In fact Mitchell was soon past Tregurtha and into the lead. The HHC Motorsport driver was looking for a chance to repay the favour only to find his route blocked by another Ginetta. As Tregurtha sent his Ginetta down the inside of the McLaren he T-boned the Ginetta blocking his route which caused huge damage to his own Ginetta and into retirement for the 17 year-old.

This left Mitchell in his McLaren to manage the gap behind to Pittard in his Lanan Racing Ginetta who finished second 11s behind to pick up their second piece of silverware of the weekend. Third at the flag was the pole-sitter McLaren of Tolman Motorsport.

Despite the DNF, the HHC Motorsport pairing still lead the championship, but only by 9.5 points over the Lanan Racing duo of Reed and Pittard. The race 2 win at Snetterton now means the Black Bull Garage 59 duo of Mitchell and Haggerty move into third.

GT4 Winners – Black Bull Garage 59DSC_5277


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