British GT Spa-Francorchamps Race 1

The British GT made its annual trip to the iconic Spa-Francorchamps in Belguim for two 1 hour races.

Starting from pole the Team Parker Racing Bentley duo of Rick Parfitt Jnr and Seb Morris were hoping to continue their success from Silverstone despite having a 10 second success penalty. However the race had its first safety car period after only 2 laps after Steve Fresle had crashed at Raidillon in his Century Motorsport Ginetta. At the restart there was contact between Anna Walewska’s Century Motorsport Ginetta and Nick Jones Team Parker Racing Porsche that resulted in the Porsche being on top of the Ginetta! Thankfully both drivers were unscathed but that was the end of their weekend.

Nick Jones & Anna Walewska (pic British GT)DEMp09qXsAASOzd.jpg-large

A lengthy safety car period ensured while they cleared up the accident at La Spurce and as soon as racing resumed the pit window was open so most teams choose this time to pit. Barwell Motorsport swapped their dirvers but Team Parker decided to keep going and try and open a gap to negate their success penalty. By the time the pits stops had all been completed Keen (who was now in the #33 Lamborghini) was now in the lead. The Team Parker Bentley was back in sixth due because of that success penalty. The sister Team Parker Bentley emerged in fourth and the sister Barwell Lamborghini fifth. Running in second was the Audi of TEAM WRT and in third the Ferrari of Kessel Racing.

GT3 winners Barwell Motorsport (pic British GT)timthumb.php

An issue for the Barwell Lamborghini meant that the #31 Bentley was now up to fifth behind their team-mates.

After the race the stewards gave Team WRT a six place grid drop for race 2 after contact with #501 and #55.

GT4 pole sitters HHC Motorsport lost the lead to Black Bull Garage 59 on the opening lap but everything bunched up because of the safety car periods.

The safety car and subsequent pits top worked well for Tolman Motorsport as they emerged from seventh to the lead as others in front of them were serving various success penalties! Another team that benefited were reigning champions pairing of Robinson/Johnson who were last and moved up to third! Unlucky for the Optimum Motorsport pairing a spin (caused by Team WRT) late on saw them being pushed back into the garage.

The spin meant that HHC Motorsport now were in the running for that final podium spot and battling hard with the Black Bull McLaren for second. Drama was about to unfold ahead as race leaders Tolman Motorsport suffered a puncture with two laps and their 14s lead disappeared as they were forced to drive slowly to get back to the pits. This meant that the Black Bull McLaren of Haggerty was in the lead. This was soon short lived.

Starting from the back Ebor GT had slowly been moving up the field and were now in a position to challenge the Black Bull McLaren after passing both Lanan Racing and then HHC Motorsport Ginetta’s in one lap! The Ebor GT Maserati made its move and into the lead from dead-last. Pittard in his Lanan Racing also made a last lap move to finish ahead of the HHC Motorsport Ginetta.

After the race #100 McLaren of Haggerty was involved in some form of incident after the flag with another and was duly excluded. They have also been excluded from race 2 so their weekend is over.

GT4 winners Ebor GT (pic British GT)Spa - R1 GT4


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